Indian Summer Yoga Retreat with Rosalind Langer

1 - 6 September 2021

Ros discovered yoga over 15 year ago when she was living in Antigua. Yoga teachers were few and far between, and those that did come to the island never stayed very long! She began practicing using a DVD of the Primary Series by John Scott, one of the worlds few certified Ashtanga teachers and a direct student of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois.

Since then Ros has practiced daily, reading about yoga with an intense hunger and following her passion. After re-locating to Cape Town, she completed her first asana teacher-training with Jacqueline Ivory of Jai Yoga in 2010. Having been a high school English teacher for 20 years, the ‘teaching’ aspect came quite naturally to her. In 2013 Ros completed Level 1 Teacher Training with John Scott to further her development as a teacher and in 2016 was awarded a scholarship complete Scott’s Level 2 training. Ros has completed an 8 week mindfulness program and after successfully completing a number of Virpassana courses she has added meditation to both her personal and her teaching practices.

Teaching has become a source of great learning for Ros. For her, the training and learning is endless. The more she teaches, the more she learns, the more she practices the more she understands how this is a life-long journey. There is no end goal, in either practice or teaching.

Ros’ teaching is inspired by the belief that postures should be held and that they should be slowly revealed. “In the slowing down we centre inwards; and in moving inwards, we are able to enjoy a deeper union and therefore a more focused practice. This becomes the medicine, the therapy, the effort and surrender” . The discipline of this practice has become devotional for Ros, and it is in this devotion that she feels this practice goes far beyond the physical.

Ros has over 500 certifiable teacher training hours and has been teaching for over ten years

Her classes offer a seamless blend of asana, pranayama and mindfulness practices.
The fluid sequences are designed to energize physically and restore mentally. Clear instruction and heartfelt sensitivity provide safe space to dive inward.